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So I have something to talk about…

The last post I made on this blog was 7 months and 21 days ago saying that 2018 would be the year for blogging. While that didn’t turn out to be especially true, I do have something interesting to blog about.

Myself and Ben have started a newsletter focused on Drum & Bass, published every Sunday evening. We cover upcoming releases – or, at least, all those that are publicly available – “reloads” from the past week, events, news, and random stuff. We’ve even broken a bit of news.

It’s called D&B Downloads and Reloads (D&R), a product of some brainstorming, and it has nearing 250 subscribers, after a little over two months. It’s hard to judge how big something like this will get, since the D&B online market is fragmented and it’s impossible to know how many page views and unique visitors other blogs get. Plus, we deliver to inboxes directly, so maybe blogs aren’t the best comparison.


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2018 will be the year for blogging

A lot has happened since I last wrote a post on this blog. I left Business Insider in February 2016 after six or seven months, took up freelancing again, got a job at techmeme, and went to uni to study politics. life has been good – except for one thing: I don’t really write that much anymore.

So, starting in 2018, I’m going to try – try being the operative word here – to blog more. Let’s see how it goes.

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